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Dutchess County Family Court Judge Joan Posner

Erasing Parents since 2009

I can limit your speech, do you understand that?,  

Joan Posner - April 2015

Why was Judge Joan Posner so paranoid in sneaking this paragraph into a visitation/custody case?  To silence a family court whistleblower?  
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"I am writing this letter, after all of the years you decided to butt into my life to figure out what was best for me, and I am here to tell you  that YOU FAILED MISERABLY.  

You have caused me endless pain and suffering. 

Relegating my father to a minor figure in my life has left a burning hole of pain and sorrow that will never heal.  Do you know what it is to want to cry every day?   To look back on the few fond, priceless, memories of your own father and know that there should have been more?  

To now know as a young adult that there was no justification for you to destroy the bond I had with my father."         


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