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Where people do not trust the courts, they will resort to other means to resolve those matters that are properly in the judiciary’s realm. 
                                                                    COMMISSION TO PROMOTE PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN JUDICIAL ELECTIONS

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All Ignored by the Dutchess County Family Court System, my children's current Attorney, Diane Foley (who also is a registered nurse), Astors Services for Children and Families and select school counselors of the Wappingers Central School District.

website photos of JJ on his birthday.jpg

Back in 2014, Wishing my son JJ a Happy Birthday and posting the above photo on my blog/website in the midst of family court proceedings caused my ex - Ida Pearce to file a petition with the family court system indicating it caused her emotional distress.  Ida Pearce also filed a report with the NYS Troopers that my wishing my son Happy Birthday caused an injury to her and I was arrested making claims I was communicating with my son on a blog/website.

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Can't read the article on NY Times?

Click here (you can't make this stuff up)

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Video made a number of years ago as I wait for the Family Court System . 

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Foley's Follies: If you were ever represented by Attorney for Child, Diane Foley, Esq as a child and are now 18+ ,   under the Color of Law, your education and/or  medical records, may have been breached using expired Court orders.  Your FERPA and HIPAA rights may have been violated. 

Ms. Foley has not denied the allegations.  Want more details?  Have any allegations of questionable behavior ? please reach out

If you have observed any abuse of my daughter or have any information that can help my case, please write to

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The alienator maintains a deceptive charade while displaying her Pyrrhic victory 

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